Call for Donations: Expansion of the St. Spyridon Skete

Date: January 14th 2024
for the Skete St. Spyridon
Our venerable father Abbot Basil in the altar of the Skete

Dear brothers and sisters, pilgrims and friends of the Holy St. Spyridon Skete in Geilnau, Germany!

People who have visited our Skete in Geilnau may have noticed that our space is very limited. Presently we have been offered the opportuntiy to buy a house in the immediate neighborhood. In Geilnau, such opportunities are exceedingly rare. This is why we would like to take advantage of this option. We are very grateful for support in this matter. Please help us to realize this possibility through your donation!

Please indicate as purpose of your donation “Hauskauf/Ausbau der Skite St. Spyridon Geilnau(Purchase of a house for enlarging the St. Spyridon Skete in Geilnau).
For information about your "donation receipt", please scroll down.

The following options for realizing your donation are available:

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Users of online banking or banking apps can take a photo of the relevant QR code and use it to make a transfer. You then only need to enter your desired donation amount.

Online banking: take a Picture of this QR-Code

Transfer your donation for the purpose: "House purchase/extension of the St Spyridon Geilnau chapel"

For donations that you would like to transfer directly via your preferred method, please use the following bank details and note the intended purpose:

Label Value
Account holder GFOS e.V., Geilnau
Bank Volksbank Rhein-Lahn-Limburg e.G.
IBAN DE52 5709 2800 0000 5212 05
Purpose Please state "House purchase/extension of Skite Geilnau" as the intended purpose and, if applicable, a name and address to which we can issue a donation receipt.

Paypal, Debit- or credit-card: Take a picture of the following QR-Code

Online Donation via PayPal, Debit- or Credit- Card

To facilitate an immediate donation, we have set up a donation collection via the "PayPal" service. If you use the adjacent QR code, a web page will open where you can donate directly to our Reverend Father Abbot Basilius.

Below is a donation button that you can also use to donate via PayPal using a credit card, online bank transfer or your own PayPal account.

Donation receipts

Responsible for all financial transactions is the account holder, i.e. the support association of the Skete:
Gesellschaft zur Förderung Orthodoxer Spiritualität e.V. (kurz: "GFOS e.V.") Lahnstraße 31, 56379 Geilnau, verantwortlich.

This association is currently recognized (according to  § 5 Abs. 1 Nr. 9 KStG) as a non-profit organization, and thus free from corporate tax. It supports exclusively and immediately caritative and church objectives (cf. §§ 51 ff. AO). It is therefore also free from trade tax (cf. § 3 Nr. 6 GewStG).

If your country allows for tax reductions for donations abroad, you will need a "Bestätigung über Geldzuwendungen/Mitgliedsbeitrag" (confirmation of donations or membership fees) from us. The GFOS e.V. issues such confirmations at the beginning of each calendar year for each person having donated and for all accounts indicated above. In ordert o receive such confirmations, you will have to indicate a postal address. Please add your address to the indication of the purpose of the donation (see above) or send it via email to:


Simplified donation receipts

Donations up to the amount of 300 Euro (per payment) do not require formalized confirmations from the recipient (the GOFS). Your own booking confirmation or receipt for cash payments from your bank (indicating your name and account numbesr of both donor and recipient) is sufficient. In other words: just keep your account statement or transfer voucher. You will have to present these only if your tax agency asks for it.

Yet even for this simplified method of tax exemption, you will have to indicate the tax number of GFOS: 30/661/13645, and its notice of exemption 04.05.2022, issued by: Finanzamt Montabaur.

Please notice: For the tax years up to 2020, this simplified method was applicable for donations up to the amount of 200 Euro only (cf. § 50 Abs. 4 Satz 1 Nr. 2 EStDV). Meanwhile this amount has been changed.